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Texas 15 Hr Renewal Package           15 Hrs       $79.00     

This complete package includes all the courses required by TREC to renew your real estate license in Texas after you have completed your first year SAE requirements. This courses in the this package are all offered in a downloadable PDF format. Just read through the course materials and log back on to take your pretest and final exam for MCE credit. 
Package contains the following courses:
  • Provider #9855 • Real Estate Appraisal #03-00-123-23790
  • • Closing and Settlement Costs #03-00-123-23788
  • • Liens, Taxes, and Foreclosures #03-00-123-23789
  • • TREC Ethics MCE #03-03-121-23559
  • • TREC Legal Update #03-03-121-23558


Texas 15 Hour Broker PDF Renewal Package  $89.99

Texas 15 Hour Broker PDF Renewal Package Contain.
•Broker Responsibility Course - PDF Format
•TREC Ethics
•TREC Legal Update
•Liens, Taxes and Foreclosures

Texas Real Estate Mandatory Continuing Education

The Texas Real Estate Commission requires a 24-hour waiting period after a course is started before it can be reported as complete. This means that after you have started a course, Classroom Online must wait at least 24 hours before reporting your status to TREC, regardless of the actual time you may have completed the course. Please understand that the day and time you start your course may require more than 24 hours passing before reporting your completion. 

Please take this new waiting period into consideration when choosing to start your course, especially if you are extremely close to your expiration date. 

The Texas Real Estate Commission requires all licensees (Salesperson and Broker) to complete 15 hours of mandatory continuing education every 2 years, 6 hours of which must be in Legal and Ethics Training. 

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COURSE TITLE                           3 CREDIT HOURS   $25.00  

TREC Legal MCE Correspondence

TREC Ethics MCE Correspondence                                          


Estimating the Gross Living Area                                 

Fair Housing & Diversity: Focus on Relocation           

Home Inspection                                                                     

Liens, Taxes and Foreclosures                                                                                              

Real Property Ownership and Land Use                        

COURSE TITLE                           4 CREDIT HOURS   $36.00

Contracts, Purchase and Sales Agreements              

Environmental Hazards                                                                                                                        


Listing Agreements                                                           

Property Management                                                      

Tax Favorable Real Estate Transactions                        

Using the Internet to Serve Clients                               

Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE) Requirements 

(for Individual Brokers and for Salespersons who have satisfied SAE requirements)

 Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE) refers to the Real Estate License Act's
 continuing education requirement (§1101.455) of 15 classroom hours (6 hours of which are the approved Legal & Ethics courses) to be completed during each two-year renewal period 

You are subject to MCE if: 

  • you are a salesperson, not under SAE requirements. 
  • you are a broker not exempted in October 1991 by Senate Bill 432. 

Active licenses have an MCE requirement. An inactive license does not require MCE unless your license has been made inactive due to late MCE and is subject to Section 535.92(f) of the Commission rules. 


  • Do I need to take MCE to renew my active license? Yes. To renew an active license without an additional fee, MCE must have been completed within the term of the license being renewed.

  • What happens if I renew timely and request active status but do not complete my MCE? If you renew your license on an ACTIVE status without first completing MCE, you will be required to pay an additional $200 deferral fee and complete the MCE within 60 days of the renewed license. Your license will remain active during this time.

  • What happens if I fail to pay the deferral fee and/or do not complete the MCE within the 60 days? If you fail to pay the deferral fee and complete the MCE within 60 days your license will be placed on INACTIVE status and you must cease doing business. If you are a broker all salespersons sponsored by you will revert to INACTIVE status.

  • If my license reverts to inactive status because I failed to complete the required MCE or pay the deferral fee within the 60 days, how do I return to active status? To return to active status in this circumstance you must: 1)Complete the required MCE hours; 2)Pay the deferral fee of $200 AND a $250 penalty (Total $450); 3)If you are a broker you must submit an Application for Broker to Return to Active Status form and $20 fee; OR If you are a salesperson you must submit a Salesperson Sponsorship Form and $20 fee.

My license has been expired for less than 2 years. What do I need to do to become licensed again? You must file a late renewal application with the appropriate fee and complete your MCE prior to filing the application
  • I renewed my license inactive. Now I want to get an active license. Do I need MCE? Yes. The MCE hours must have been completed within the 2 year period prior to filing a request for an active license.

  • If my license stays on inactive status for several years, does the MCE requirement accumulate during the years that I am inactive? No. The MCE needed to get an active license remains the same: 15 hours within the 2 years prior to filing the application to return to active status.

  • .My license has been expired for more than 2 years but not more than 6. What do I need to do to become licensed again? You must file a late renewal application with the appropriate fee and complete your MCE prior to filing the application. You will also be required to pass the examination for your license type.

  • Where can I take my MCE courses? MCE courses must be taken from an approved MCE provider, all of whom can be located through our Education Providers page. 

Note: When a question references MCE it means 15 classroom hours of Commission approved Mandatory Continuing Education. At least 6 of the 15 hours must consist of a 3 hour legal update course and a 3 hour legal ethics course created for and approved by TREC to satisfy the 6 legal hours of MCE required by Occupations Code §1101.455. 


MCE Texas Real Estate License Mandatory Continuing Education MCE Classes
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