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Texas Online Real Estate License Course
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 3 different formats from which to study from your home, office or offline anywhere.

  •  PDF Download to your desktop and/or laptop or ipad. Take it any time day or night, All at once or start and stop (Recommended!)
  • Online  Get started immediately Structured course material. Start and stop when you want Engaging Flash enhanced online courses (Not recommended for most)

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Basic 180 Hour Pre-License Package PDF Version


Texas 15 Hr Renewal Package   
This Package contains the following courses.

  • TREC Legal MCE Correspondence
  • TREC Ethics MCE Correspondence 
  • Real Estate Appraisal 
  • Liens, Taxes and Foreclosures
  • Closing and Settlement Costs

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  Texas Real Estate License Mandatory 
Continuing Education MCE Classes

MCE Package

Texas 15 Hr Renewal Package                              15 Hrs       $79.00     
Texas 15 Hour Broker PDF Renewal Package       15 Hrs      $89.99  


ONLINE CLASSROOM brings to you accredited Texas Real Estate courses for Pre-License, SAE and MCE. Courses may be taken online (FLASH) or correspondence (PDF). Flash courses are timed by the course provider offering a more structured course presentation. PDF courses are self-paced meaning the speed at which a student completes the course material depends entirely on the student. 

Our five and seven course packages cover everything a student needs to get his real estate license for Texas. The five-course package is appropriate for students who have college credits; otherwise, the seven course package is necessary.

If you are looking for continuing education courses, either SAE or MCE, we have packages for those, too. Just click on the appropriate tab for price and other details.

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TEXAS REAL ESTATE SAE PACKAGES  90 Hours     $384 Reduced   $299    

Texas Real Estate License Salesperson Annual Education - SAE 

If you are on your 1st, 2nd, or 3rd renewal, a 30 hour SAE CREDIT is required (see below). If you obtained your license after January 1, 2006, 60 hours of SAE CREDIT is required within 12 months of obtaining your license.

30 Hour SAE Classes $128   learn more


Real Estate Pre-License & MCE Correspondence Classes 
(100% Home Study) 

  • Correspondence students on average finish the courses much faster than with the timed "flash" courses.

  • PDF format.  No waiting on books to be mailed to you.  Read the "books" from your screen. 

  • PLUS - Searchable keyword feature for quick reference during online "open-book" test!

  • Complete your courses at your own pace.

  • Online final exam.

  • Completion certificates can be printed after completing the course and final exam.

                                           What is PDF?

  • An PDF course allows you to download the materials in Adobe's PDF format.

  • You read each section of the course and then log in to take a quiz on that section.

  • Once downloaded, the materials can be read at your own pace without the use of an internet connection.

  • The quizzes and finals are all taken in our online testing system.

  • You have up to 180 days to complete the entire course 

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These courses are provided through 360training 
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Texas real estate Prelicense MCE Packages Texas 15 Hr Renewal Package #1                        15 Hrs   $99.00


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Texas Real Estate Classes Online - Prelicense, MCE, SAE, Texas Real Estate courses for Pre-License, SAE and MCE. Courses
Texas Real Estate Classes Online - Prelicense, MCE, SAE
Texas Real Estate Commission Approved provider

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Lamar Institute of Technology 

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